However you look at it, we've come a very long way

1864 was quite a year.

In America, Abraham Lincoln was re-elected for his second term as President and Jesse James was at the height of his notoriety while here at home, the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the all-new Charing Cross Station opened to the public.

But for us, the highlight of the year was the launch of a small drysalting business in Philpot Lane, London by one Alfred Thomas Thew. Over the subsequent century and a half, Alfred's business moved through generations of family ownership, constantly evolving its offer to meet the changing needs of customers in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Needless to say, we're immensely proud of our history and strive to maintain and build on the traditions of service and innovation that have been at the heart of the Thew Arnott business since those early days.

Here's just a few of the key milestones we've passed along the way.


Alfred Thomas Thew establishes his drysalting business, dealing in a range of chemical products including glues, varnishes, dyes, and colourings.


Alfred's brothers Charles, Robert and William take over the business following Alfred's death.


Robert's son Sidney establishes a shellac bleaching company and would remain in the business for over 50 years.


Robert and Sidney's businesses combine and move to premises in Wallington, Surrey, but retain an office in Water Lane close to the Tower of London. Sidney's sons Cecil and Jack join him in the business.


Sidney goes into partnership with Martin Arnott - a shellac and chalk merchant.


The company's precipitate chalk business is booming, with many household name customers including Macleans toothpaste, Mackintosh toffees, and Eucryl tooth powder.


Sidney’s grandson Anthony Newman joins the business at 16 and would remain in it for the next 54 years.


Sidney Alfred Thew dies.


Martin Arnott dies and his widow sells his shares in the business to Anthony who by now had progressed to become MD.


Anthony acquires a majority shareholding in the business from Cecil and Jack.


Anthony's son Richard joins the business which is now focused on buying, selling and packaging four key product ranges: Gums, Shellac, Resin and Waxes.


New Years Eve, a fire destroys the premises – Anthony takes a key decision to rebuild.


In August new offices and warehouse opened named "Newman House".


Anthony passes the Company reins to his son Richard who takes over as Managing Director.


Thew Arnott opens its first manufacturing site in Deeside, North Wales making Lecithin Blends.


AraTAs®, LeciTAs® and CalciTAs® trade marks were registered.


Confectionery Coatings – manufacturing started at Deeside.


Glaze & Varnish production facilities opened.


Thew Arnott celebrate 150 years


Colour production facilities opened at Deeside.


New division of Thew Arnott that specialise in colours was established called Horizon Specialities.


March - 10 year anniversary at Deeside facility.


We’ve recently been highlighting to customers the importance of ensuring that organic lecithin is used in the manufacture of organic finished products, including remoulding chocolate mass. This is following changes to EU legislation which came into force in January 2019*. “From the start of the year, all products that claim to be organic and include […]

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