Starches are widely used in the food industry. They are derived from a variety of natural raw materials offering specific functionality depending on application.

Native & Modified Wheat Starch

Commonly used in the snack and coating industries to provide texture and body across a number of processing conditions.

Texturized Wheat Protein

Developed specifically for meat free/meat reduction applications, these products can be used to replicate meat structure and appearance meeting the demands of the growing vegetarian market.

Functional Meat Free & Vegetarian

Tailor made compound functional systems, developed to meet specific individual requirements delivering taste, texture and convenience.

Native & Modified Tapioca Starches

Used to provide texture and mouth feel in a number of applications such as dairy based, bakery and batter coatings.

Modified & Clean Label Potato Starch, Maize & Barley

We can offer a comprehensive range of functional and clean label starch solutions to meet ever changing demands and customer requirements.

Potato Fibre

Can be widely used across a variety of applications for commercial, functional, and health benefits. Typical application being meat products, soups & sauces, and baked goods.


Wallington Office – Phone line issues

Our Wallington office is currently experiencing a telephone landline issue. Whilst we can make calls from Wallington we are not able receive any due to the local BT Exchange having a “Data Freeze”. This has also meant that we are unable to divert calls to an alternative number. We have been advised this issue will […]

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Thew Arnott, importers and manufacturers of specialist ingredients for the food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries has secured BRC Agents and Brokers certification through Cert ID Europe Introduced in 2014, the BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers provides certification for companies that purchase, import or distribute product throughout the food and packaging supply […]

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